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Dear Friends,

When you care about your smile, people know you care about yourself. The following letters reflect the sentiments of some of our patients who do, indeed, care about themselves. The enthusiasm, warmth, and appreciation in these letters make our work that much more rewarding.

From a Dentist's point of view, it is most gratifying to be able to offer such a valued and appreciated service. Please feel free to discuss with me any of your questions or concerns.

Below are a few testimonials that our team has received over the past years in practice. We would like to share them with you in hopes you will find our office to meet and exceed your needs.

Thank you,

Dr. Victor Sobrepena and Smiling Dental Team

Dr. Sobrepena and Staff,

Even a handful of sunsine wouldn't be enough to thank you all for making me love to smile once again! Thank you with all my heart.

Dear Dr. Sobrepena and his team,

Thanks to all of you for helping me in overcoming my dental fears. I know I would still have an unhealthy mouth if I had not found your office.

I have gained back my confidence in talking to people without being embarassed dut to the condition of my mouth. I appreciate the gifts I received. What a pleasant suprise! They way your office personnel and you treat your patients also helps one to feel comfortable while in your office. You have created a warm and friendly atmosphere. I definitely like your non-rushed environment. Thanks to all of you!

Dear Dr. Victor,

Do you know how wonderful you are? I'm sure you've been told before, but you certainly deserve to hear it again.

Thank you so much for the outstanding job on my smile. Prior to my veneers and gum contouring, I was so selfconcious of my smile. My friends and sisters constantly teased me about how horrible my teeth looked and urged me to get something done about it. I was always too embarrassed or nervous to even go to a dentist in fear for what they would think of my smile. After many long discussions, Nicole assured me that you could change my self-confiedence.

At my intitial appointment, you told me your plan of approach to get the best results for me. It was refreshing to find that you would answer my questions and treat each one with the same level of importance, always listening, not just as a courtesy, but also to really understand my concerns and fears. After just two visits, you were able to achieve such incredible results for me. The temporaries you created for me at the first visit were almost as beautiful as the custom work you prescribed to the lab for porcelain veneers.

My new smile is so much brighter and healthier now and my confidience level is over the top! It's only been a few weeks and I have received so many compliments from family, friends and even strangers!!! At work I feel more focused on my job since I am not as worried about my appearance. I am more confident than ever about discussing jobs and estimates with customers. It is truly amazing what a difference these veneers and gum lifting has made in my life.

I catch myself repeatedly asking, "What did I do in my life to receive something so nice?" You far exceeded my expectations in every way, and I am forever grateful. On October 7, 2004 I will be marrying the girl of my dreams, and cannot be more honored and thrilled to have a huge glowing white straight smile for our special day. I'll have photographs to share with you, your family and team of me smiling from ear to ear with confidence!!!

I really want to thank you, your family and the team for making this an awesome experience. There were so many nice surprises along the way but I am most impressed with your dedication and your genuine good nature. As Nicole would say, Now....."I ALWAYS feel like a T-E-N!!"

Respectfully, and with much gratitude

Rhett C.

Dear Victor Sobrepena D.D.S.,

I wanted to write and thank you for the wonderful job you did on my crown. I had another dentist do one last year and it was quite painful, so I was apprehensive about having another tooth done. You did an excellent job. I felt almost nothing you did while working on my tooth, and was in no pain at all. I know people seldom take the time to thank people for this sort of thing, so I thought I'd write to let you know that I really appreciated having found you as a dentist, and plan to keep coming to you.

I also wanted to thank you for being so friendly. I really enjoyed talking with you. It was nice to have a dentist be so approachable. I felt I could ask you questions regarding my teeth, and that you were really knowledgeable and clear in explaining my options. I think your being so friendly really made me less tense and made the whol experience of going to the dentist more pleasant. The staff were also wonderful and derserving of praise.

Thanks again, and see you in six months,



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